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Pastor Eli Palacios has served in the Texas education system for the last 15 years. During these years in education, he has served at various campuses, and at the regional level. Pastor Eli also holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Educational Administration and currently serves as Pastor at MCCC. He is also working on a Masters in Divinity (MDiv) at the Chicago Theological Seminary.


Pastor Eli has preached at MCCC for the last 3 years and has recently been appointed Pastor at MCCC. During his time serving, he has been engaged in working directly with organizations in the Rio Grande Valley that serve the LGBTQ community as well as individuals that are the most marginalized. It is during his time serving that he has recognized the incredible healing power of faith work in ministry. It's through service that he continues to stay committed to the power of healing from a place of love in reminding everyone that we are all God's children. He continues to be committed to preaching, ministering, and serving at MCCC.


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A Note From the Pastor

Greetings and Peace to you Beloved! Welcome to MCCC, where we truly believe that All Are Worthy, and All Are Welcome! I want to take the time to welcome you back, or welcome you home. Regardless of what walk you are on, whether you grew up in the church or not, I am certain that MCCC can be a spiritual home for you. 

We are a non-demoninational church, but we have individuals from every background present, Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, Christian and more. We believe in Jesus Christ the son of God, and spend our time on Sundays and during bible study growing strong in the word of God. We also believe in being the hands and feet of God of putting scripture to use in the world where the rubber meets the road. I pray that you decide to join us, and know that we continue to hold you in prayer. 

As part of our pastoral services, I am also available to meet via zoom, or in person upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or in person to schedule a meeting today!

Peace & Blessings

Pastor Eli

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