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Pastor Jessica Cabrera - President

Jessica is born and raised in Weslaco, Texas. Jessica has her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice,  Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice-Executive Management/Leadership and Master’s Degree in Family & Marriage Therapy. Jessica has worked in the criminal justice field for over 25 years. Jessica has been in a committed relationship with Belinda Martinez for over 8 years. They have two daughters, Ferni Cabrera and Costa Martinez and a grandson, Jeremiah Cabrera. Jessica became an Ordained Minister in 2020 and has been an active member at MCCC since 2016 when she began her spiritual journey in 2016. Jessica is involved in community outreach and works closely with the LGBTQI+ community and individuals living with HIV. Her main goal is to bring more people to the Kingdom of God through love, compassion and education. Jessica is a firm believer in MCCC’s motto….. God Loves Everyone.

Rev. Tiffany "Queen T" Lozano - Vice President / Worship Leader

Tiffany "Queen T" Lozano was born in NYC, raised in McAllen, TX (moved in November of 1993), and currently resides in Edinburg, TX with her wife Jen Lozano. Tiffany graduated from Nikki Rowe High School in 2004, then attended Gary Job Corps and graduated in 2006 with a diploma in Business Office Technology. She has been working, servicing the community food need, with the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc. since July 2013. She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ community, helping to start the first LGBTQ+ group at her high school, and has continued to advocate for the community since. She also advocates for the better treatment of animals, and for the Arts. Tiffany, along with her wife Jen Lozano, started a local nonprofit to create a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community through art and ministry, called Queen T Artistry, in June 2023. She is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University to obtain a degree for Business Administration in Nonprofit Management. Tiffany has been attending MCCC since 2019 and she was appointed as Vice President of the Board in January 2024. Tiffany was baptized at MCCC on November 7, 2021 to continue her walk in Christ, became an Ordained Minister in March 2022, with the service and calling to help others feel welcome and worthy as children of the almighty God, with MCCC’s inclusive vision that “All are Worthy,” and “All are welcome”.

Izette Janet Hernandez - Secretary

Izette currently serves as the secretary for the Mount Calvary Christian Church board in La Feria, Texas. She resides in Weslaco, Texas with her wife Belinda Hernandez, their six dogs and a turtle. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary studies in 2021 and has been a pre-k teacher for over 8 years. Although she was raised catholic, she one day came in through the doors of MCCC and never looked back. She loved the friendly, welcoming environment and felt a difference in the sermons given in comparison to what she had been used to. She always wanted to be a part of a church where she could participate and make a difference, however, wasn’t able to until now. She now feels that she belongs to an amazing church family. Izette has attended MCCC since April of 2022, and continues to grow in her walk with God. Izette strongly believes in helping others in need, leading others to the church by doing community outreach. She hopes to grow her faith stronger and continue to help God’s kingdom grow.

María Inés Becerra - Director of Events / Board Advisor

Ines lives in Weslaco Tx, she has been a member of MCCC since 2022. She is married to Claudia Saldana since 2015 and has a daughter, Jennifer Gabriela Rodríguez. Ines is happy to belong to MCCC because it is a church where everyone is welcome and above all the LGBTQ+ Community. Ines saw a place where her talents as an event coordinator and decorator could be useful for God’s Kingdom.  Ines thanks God for giving her such amazing talent and plans to continue to develop them for the Glory of God.  Ines plans to coordinate church activities, such as raffles and decorate the house of God . One of Ines’ greatest passions is to to be very friendly and invite people to church, she likes to think about how to continue holding events to grow the Kingdom of God. Ines, along with her spouse, who is an usher at MCCC, made the decision to move to Weslaco from Brownsville to be closer to the church and members because more than that they are all family. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Belinda Hernandez - Board Advisor / Honorary Usher

Belinda currently serves as an advisor on the board for Mount Calvary Christian Church in La Feria, Texas. Growing up she attended several churches since a young age but has never felt more at home than here at Mount Calvary Christian Church. Finding an affirming and welcoming church is something she always struggled with growing up.  She resides in Weslaco, Tx along with her wife Izette Janet Hernandez, their 6 dogs, and their turtle. Belinda wants to share with others what she has experienced being part of this church.  She is involved in community outreach because it provides an opportunity to get to know our local community and to let others know we are here to help.  Belinda along with Mount Calvary Christian Church, would like to invite you to come visit us, experience God’s love and his presence, and leave feeling never the same.

Irene Guerrero - Board Advisor / Elder

Irene grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, as a queer person, she always felt alone. Irene felt there was something missing in her life. As a child, Irene attended a United Methodist church where they learned about God's love, but there was still something missing. Irene felt that being a queer person, she was not going to be accepted so as a teen and later as an adult, Irene would stay home on Sundays. Irene discovered via Facebook that there was an open and affirming church in Harlingen, Tx. Irene remembers walking in through MCCC doors and feeling a great peace and acceptance . Fast forward to the present day, Irene has found herself becoming a Board Advisor. As an advisor, Irene plans to put the experience she brings from other churches to help grow the Kingdom of God. Irene will continue to bring MCCC’s mission to be a light in the dark for many LGBTQ  people (along with fellow allies) who ask and wonder if God's love is for them ... YES it is!

Cori Tristian - Board Advisor / Elder

Cori has been a warrior for the Kingdom of God and always ready to help and guide those who are less fortunate.  Cori has learned to listen to one voice, and only one voice, God’s voice.  Cori has been a spiritual leader for those who are seeking to grow their relationship with God and those who are wanting to understand the glory that comes with knowing the Holy Spirt. 


Meet the MCCC Leadership Team

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