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Mount Calvary Christian Church Offers a Wide Array of Services. Contact us today to schedule a conversation about how we can best support you on your faith journey.

Does MCCC perform baptisms?

MCCC performs baptisms for individuals of any age. You will be required to take a Baptism course as well as attend church services regularly so we can support you in your faith walk and journey.

Is MCCC able to bless my home, car, engagement, event, etc.?
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MCCC is able to perform blessings. We will need to coordinate a time and place and request logistical information ahead of time.
Does MCCC perform Marriages? Same-sex marriages?
Religious Objects
Wedding & Marriage Services

We are the only LGBTQIA affirming church south of Corpus Christi. As such we believe in the beauty of consecrating marriages between partners in the eyes of God. We are able to provide services both at our church and/or your wedding location as well.

You will be required to meet with the Pastor to discuss how we can support you through this next step in your lives.

Does MCCC rent their facilities out for events/organizations?

Facility Rental

Mount Calvary Christian Church has become a popular location for special events!  Whether you're planning a meeting, bridal or baby shower, special birthday party, or a family function, Bethlehem is a great place to host your event.We have a main sanctuary space, lobby, kitchen, and 1 meeting room available. 


To schedule a meeting or reserve space please submit a request using the form below.

All request will be responded to and we will provide a list of building Standard Operating Procedures. All request will be responded to and we will provide a list of building Standard Operating Procedures.

Schedule a visit to see the available space.
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