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Mount Calvary Christian Church was born in two separate homes, each desiring more than just a Bible Study. In December 2000, the first structured service took place at a home in Mission, Texas. In March of the following year, God arranged for MCCC to have a real home in McAllen. Under the leadership of Pastor Linda Hill, we painted and carpeted, brought chairs and hymnals, made a cross, and opened our doors officially on Palm Sunday 2001.

In early 2002, we were led by the Holy Spirit to move our church to the Harlingen area. We found a small space in the "El Mercado" Shopping Center and held our first service there in June. By early 2003, we were bursting at the seams, and needed a larger location. By the grace of God, we were able to move into a larger space only three doors down from where we were, and when we outgrew that space, we moved across the courtyard into an even larger space. We were still growing and had standing room many Sundays.

In 2014, the church moved to a location in Harlingen on 21st Street. Over the years, God has helped us in so many ways and continues to bless us still through growth, and opportunities to always ultimately serve.


A few months before the COVID pandemic struck in 2019, God was calling our leadership team to identify a new location. Although all services were moved to online platforms, the MCCC board was being called to find a location that was central to both sides of the valley. As such, God opened doors to a new location and the church was moved to the present-day location in La Feria, TX right off of the expressway. 

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Where we are now? 

We have been in our current location since 2020, and continue to stay committed to our mission of serving our community. An affirmation of our faith is that God has called us forth to continuously serve, learn from Christ, grow, and provide spiritual guidance and support for all. We continue to remain committed to the service of others, and proclaiming Christ's gospel of salvation. We remain humbled by the blessings we receive through time, talent, and donations, and are ever committed to sharing God's love with everyone.

Note: Mount Calvary Christian Church is a non-profit organization. All positions at MCCC are voluntary and are filled by leaders within our congregation moved by the Holy Spirit to lead in their various ministries.

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